Kuji, Iwate Tourist Information Site


  • 水車まつり

    Processed goods and specialty sake

    Iwate is the home of Nanbu Toji, one of the three great schools of sake brewing in Japan. Fukurai is a specialty sake that continues in this great tradition. Its charm lies in its rich aroma and mellow taste. Specialty local wild mountain grapes are attracting attention as a healthy drink. There are also many marine products like the canned Ama seafood soup, which is full of sea urchin and abalone, as well as salted sea urchin, konbu seaweed, and more.

  • 平庭闘牛大会

    Yamagata Village Shorthorn Beef

    These are Japanese shorthorn cattle raised in the open under the wide blue sky above Hiraniwa Kogen. Enjoy the original flavor of this rich juicy beef.

  • 内間木洞

    Kuji Amber/Crafts

    Kuji produces more amber than any other area in Japan. Kokujiyaki follows a 200-year tradition and is well-regarded for its clean simplicity. An endless line of fans of Kokujiyaki visit the potters. There is a full line of these superb products in Kuji.

  • 水車まつり


    Mamebu is a healthy local traditional dish made with dumplings. The dumplings are filled with walnuts and brown sugar. When you bite into one of these, they are bound to taste like home.

  • 平庭闘牛大会

    Charcoal products

    Charcoal was formerly used just as a fuel, but with recent research, it has been learned that wood vinegar, a byproduct of making charcoal, has many uses. We are currently aiming to be the top charcoal producer in Japan and are engaged in developing humane, environmentally sound products.

  • 内間木洞

    Famous Sweets of Kuji

    When you’re thinking of a souvenir to buy in Japan, sweets are always the most popular. There are many varieties here from handmade sembei crackers to western sweets. There are all sorts of delicacies from aromatic Nanbu Sembei with sesame and walnuts to squid sembei that taste of the sea.