Kuji, Iwate Tourist Information Site


  • 内間木洞

    Kuji Amber Museum

    This museum allows visitors to understand various aspects of amber in nature, culture, and art by seeing, touching, and experiencing it. There is even a craft area where you can make your own accessory in 10 minutes.

  • 平庭高原


    Kujiyaki, said to be the oldest technique in Iwate, is attractive for its simple clean quality. The tradition of crafting by hand with an old-fashioned potter’s wheel is continued to this day. New original works are also attempted at the workshop.

  • 平庭高原

    Mifune Judan Memorial Hall

    This memorial hall celebrates Kyuzo Mifune, the famous 10th Dan Judo practitioner, known for his “airplane throw” technique. In addition to the display of his possessions and other materials, there is also a judo dojo in the hall.

  • 平庭高原

    Ama (female divers) of the Far North

    Ama, or female divers, originated from the need for these women to support themselves by deep sea diving while their husbands were away. At the Ama Center, the history of the Ama is shown through exhibitions of materials and tools as well as through actual free-diving performances.

  • 平庭高原

    Hiraniwa Kogen

    The vast Hiraniwa Kogen highlands are a beautiful scenic area designated as a prefectural park located halfway up Mt. Hiraniwatake at an altitude of 800 meters. Visitors can enjoy the splendor of nature throughout the year in these fields.

  • 平庭高原

    Tsuriganedo Rock

    In the Sanriku Reconstruction National Park area, cliffs, and a copper-colored reef stretch out across the coast, letting visitors enjoy the fierce beauty of the coast.

  • 平庭高原

    Kuji Mountain Stream

    This beautiful mountain stream flows along a steep hillside that tumbles downward. The fresh greens of spring and deep colors of the fall leaves are particularly impressive. It is officially designated as Kuji Hiraniwa Prefectural Natural Park.

  • 平庭高原

    Uchimagido Cave

    This mysterious limestone cave is said to be about 6,350 meters long in total, but many parts have yet to be surveyed. The cave is usually only available to groups for research purposes and is not open to the public. However, every year on February 11 there is a special event to see the “ice bamboo shoots” that form there, and visitors can experience this mysterious world.

  • 平庭高原


    These Scandinavian style cottages are made with local wood. There are various experiences and courses for strolling through Hiraniwa Kogen available to guests here.

  • 平庭高原

    Battari Village

    This village was formed to create an independent lifestyle that passes down the wisdom and culture of our ancestors while living in harmony with nature. Visitors can experience the culture of an authentic mountain village here.