Kuji, Iwate Tourist Information Site


  • 内間木洞

    Kuji Autumn Festival

    This is a joint festival of three shrines, Daijingu Shrine, Akiba Shrine, and Tatsumiyama-Inari Shrine that prays for a bountiful harvest. This festival boasts a 600 year history and the town is filled with festival floats and mikoshi portable shrines zig-zagging through the streets. (Held the third weekend in September.)

  • Kuji Port Summer Festival

    This event is held at the port in Kuji, and features a scallop fishing game, a mini auction, and other activities themed around the ocean.

  • Yamase Akindo Festival

    This is a festival held in conjunction with the Tanabata festival focused around the local retail store association. There are bright glittering Tanabata decorations and a lively night market at this large event.

  • Bullfighting Event

    Bullfighting Event

    A bullfighting event is held here every June, August, and October. Powerful local shorthorn bulls show off their strength during the competition. The sound of the impact of these bulls smashing into each other and the cheers of the spectators echo across the highlands.

  • Kuruma-ichi and Waterwheel Festival

    Kuruma-ichi and Waterwheel Festival

    At the katsura waterwheel square in the Hashikami district, the “Kuruma-ichi market” is held on the first Monday of ever month from April until December, and in May and November, the Waterwheel festival is held there. The are many delicious local dishes that convey the flavor of the popular Yamane Rokugo. You can enjoy the local flavor of Kuji here.

  • Hiraniwa Kogen Azalea Festival

    Hiraniwa Kogen Azalea Festival

    This festival is held when the entire highland area is wrapped in the bright greens of spring and the vivacious reds of the azaleas. Visitors can enjoy strolls around the highlands on paths with excellent views of large patches of azaleas.

  • North Sanriku  Kuji nightmarket

    North Sanriku Kuji nightmarket

    This event is held once a month from November through February. Everyone can participate in this event that hosts fresh delicacies from the sea and the mountains. It’s a great way to fully enjoy Kuji during the winter.

  • Hiraniwa Kogen Ski Resort Festival

    Hiraniwa Kogen Ski Resort Festival

    This big event livens up the winter in Kuji. There are numerous outdoor food stalls mostly consisting of local delicacies. The end of the night is lit up with a bright colorful fireworks display.